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One thing that immediately came to mind to me is that there are times that lack of state news isn’t in certain areas. We live in a digital age right now where the news of the world is at the disposal of anyone with a wifi signal and technological access. Not every place has these options. We can talk about Michelle Rhee all day long in urban areas but are smaller rural areas getting the information that Gov. Bill Haslam is leaning to a voucher system, which basically takes public taxpayer money and puts it toward for-profit education systems? The sheriff from where I’m from told me once when I was a cub reporter that state and federal issues tend to trickle down late to rural areas.
He was right. And I realize now that information is the same way.
Let’s take the part of the state I know the best and that is northwest Tennessee. There is very little Tennessee TV news available. Network affiliates come from Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois on many satellite packages. I used to bang my head against the wall that Martin, TN has a wonderful PBS affiliate but my satellite package only offered the PBS channel from Kentucky.
Get my drift here?

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